Ad's: Print/Digital & Sales Enablement Tools

View my collection of recent ad work for both marketing campaigns and print media.

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Website/HTML Design

Check out iteration #3 of the Jonas Fitness website using a Parallax design.

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Multi-Media Work

Collection of animated explainers, video testimonals, and misc promotion work.

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My Story

I'm Kristan - yes, that's Kristin spelled and pronounced Kris-TAN.  I guess my folks always knew I would need a one-of-a-kind, creative name! Well, that's where my story starts.  I was born in New York so far upstate you could almost call me a "Canuck".

After college and wanting a new adventure I followed my Dad down south as he was starting a new job. Now, when I say this was a "new adventure" for me, I'm not kidding.  Take a Yankee girl and plop them into a suburb in Houston and it feels like another country. After getting used to my new surroundings (and this new cuisine called "Tex-Mex") I quickly found a home in the software industry where I have been for 17 years.

I've always been creative and loved to design things from the homecoming float in high school to 40-page, interactive websites.  In my software career, I have handled every part of end to end marketing from field to programs to digital to SEO/SEM and most recently building and running teams.

In my spare time, I rescue the creatures that have no voice without us; dogs. I have a heart for the misunderstood breeds and currently live with two rescue dogs. I think I would end up with a house full if it wasn't for my husband who keeps me from becoming an animal hoarder.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world and always remember,  "ADOPT DON'T SHOP!"



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